Which Stickers Next?!

Please vote in the polls for which stickers you’d like to see next. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Ohio Pokéball stickers that we have been sending around already. Lots of people have been wanting the trade stickers (like the free ones they gave out at Pokémon Centers in Japan). 

The single sticker’s longest side can be 2″ or 3″, and the sticker sheets are 4″ by 6″ in dimensions. If there number of designs going on each sticker sheets is larger then the individual stickers will end up smaller.

Quick note: If we get a single design for a sticker they are about $0.45 to $1.38 each to produce (range depending on 2″ or 3″ size and quantity of stickers ordered). If we go with 4″ by 6″ sticker sheets (multiple stickers on a sheet) they are $1.35 to $2.30 each sheet depending on quantity.    

If anyone would like to donate to the costs of producing the stickers, or future event pins, please send it to MasterOmok via PayPal (include your trainer name in the message with your donation). Every bit helps, and allows us to spread to the entire community!

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Thank you for your feedback on the next sticker(s)! The design for the next community day event pins will be released once the day is confirmed (even though it is likely beldum). Get out there and catch some mons!

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