Meetups and Info!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Beldum Community Day! It looked like there was a solid mix of new and returning trainers. I heard lots of shiny shout outs, and saw lots of happy faces catching those Beldum. Plus that was one of the biggest groups for a MewTwo raid (or any raid) … Read more

Community Day Buttons and Halloween Event!

We’ve finished up the artwork for the Beldum community day buttons. The buttons will feature shiny Metagross (which gets an exclusive move during the event)! These will be handed out at Riverside Park during community day by admins/mods of the Discord to anyone that would like one. We are in the works of planning a Trick or Treat type … Read more

Which Stickers Next?!

Please vote in the polls for which stickers you’d like to see next. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Ohio Pokéball stickers that we have been sending around already. Lots of people have been wanting the trade stickers (like the free ones they gave out at Pokémon Centers in Japan).  The single sticker’s longest side can … Read more