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 **PoGo Findlay Information**

 Welcome to PoGo Findlay's Discord. This is our main form of communication with our community. We also have a website and a Facebook Group.

 **Website:** <>
 **Facebook:** <>
 **Silph Road League:** <>

 **Profile Setup**

 First thing you need to do is setup your team role! You will **not see the channels** on the server until you have set your team. Go to the #welcome channel and you can either **post a screenshot of your trainer page** (from Pokemon Go), or type one of the following:

 `$team instinct`
 `$team mystic` 
 `$team valor`

 After you set your team you can update your trainer card information (this is all optional). A list of bot commands can be found here: <>

 To view your trainer profile: 

 To view another person's trainer profile: 
 `$trainer TRAINERNAME`

 To set your **trainer code**:
 `$set-trainer-code #### #### ####`

 To set your **XP**:
 `$set xp 20000000`

 Sets your **silph traveler id**:
 `$link silph SILPHID`

 To set your **goal**:
 `$set goal GOALTEXT`






 **Raid Information**

 Raids can be posted in multiple ways. The easiest way is to **post a screenshot of the raid/egg** in the #announce-raids-here channel. The PokeNav bot will automatically create raid channels for organization and details on the raid. A list of all active raids (reported by the bot) can be found in #active-raids channel. There is also a companion app that will show you the raids reported on a map of Findlay. Check out the "PokeNav Mobile App" section below for that information.

 To **talk in the raid chat** you must join the raid. You can join the raid by clicking the :bust_in_silhouette: in the raid channel. You may then let the other members know you have arrived by typing `Here` in the raid lobby chat. The bot will then mark you as at the raid.

 If you posted a raid, and the timer was not visible on your screenshot, you can set the time in the raid channel with (where **#** is the minutes left):
 ```$set-despawn #
 $set-hatch #```

 You can also post raids via commands. A list of bot commands can be found here: <>

 By default you will auto join any raids you report. If you want to toggle auto join of reported raids, you can use `$toggle auto-join-raids` in #pokenav-commands 

 If you looking for an active raid group to see where people are going, or trying to organize a raid party, use the  #general-raids channel.

 There is now a way to tag people for raids (and get notifications on them as well)! Simply use the `@Raids` tag and everyone with the role will get a notification! Now only people interested in the raids get the notification (instead of using the everyone tag). If you want to be added or removed from the `@Raids` role you can do so in the #pokenav-commands channel with the command `a!iam Raids` - that will toggle the role on and off.





 Trades can be posted in multiple ways (using PokeNav or a simple text channel). 

 You can utilize PokeNav bot to set up trades for you in the #announce-trades-here channel. You can find a list of active trades in #active-trades channel.

 A list of bot commands can be found here: <>

 If you do not want to utilize the bot for trades, then you can post them manually for pokemon you want or have available in #trades



 **Pokemon Let's Go**

 All things about Let's Go on the Nintendo Switch should be posted in #pokemon-lets-go channel. This includes trying to find people to allow you to transfer mons to Let's Go to get the Mystery Box.

 To get the Mystery Box you first need connect your Pokemon Go to a Pokemon Let's Go account (an unlimited number of Pokemon Go accounts can be linked to a Let's Go account). You then must transfer one of the first 150 mons from Pokemon Go to Let's Go, to the Let's Go game via "Go Park" in Fuschia City. This will reward your Pokemon Go account with a Mystery Box. The Mystery Box will spawn 10 to 20 **Meltan** over 30 minutes (with an incense like effect). It then has an eight day cooldown. After the cooldown you can transfer another mon to Let's Go to recharge the box.


 **PokeNav Mobile App**

 PokeNav has a companion app that will show you the active raids / eggs broken out by tier, as well as being able to see them on top of a map of Findlay! This raid data is pulled from the raids reported in our discord (as well as any other server that is using PokeNav). That means if you travel to a different city that is using PokeNav you can see their raids (without even being in their discord). 

 1) Install the PokeNav App:
     **Android:** <>
     **iOS:** <>
 2) Select the Profile tab.
 3) Authorize it to see your discord information (username, avatar, and servers).




 **PokeNav Field Research**

 There is now PokeNav supported field research (currently in beta, so may not be working 100% yet)! There are two was you can report these (details below) and must be posted in the #announce-research-here channel. If you want to do the manual route (without bot) use the #manual-field-research channel.

 Screenshot Route: You can report research by dropping a screenshot of the pokestop (where the photo disc is visible and the POI name is visible on the top of the image). Because research also requires a reward, you **must specify at least the name of the reward** when posting your screenshot. You can also specify the task with a screenshot, you can separate it by a comma. Example `Magikarp, Catch 10 Pokemon` 

 Command Route: Example `$q "The Reward" "The Pokestop Name" "(optional) The Task Text"` You must specify all arguments in quotes (since they can be multiple words). You are required to put the reward and the pokestop name. You may additionally specify the quest text as a third argument (it is optional and will be hidden if it is not provided).


 **Server Code of Conduct**

 **This is a family-friendly Discord community.** Users of all ages and entire families are members of this Discord. We ask that users do not use profanity or discuss topics not appropriate for all ages. This helps keep the server friendly, respectful, and welcoming for everyone. If you wouldn't feel comfortable with the conversation in front of a boss, teacher, grandparent, et cetera then it is likely not appropriate for this server. 

 **Absolutely no discriminatory language.** Under no circumstances is any such language permissible in this Discord server. This includes, but is not limited to, sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, classism, or discrimination against one’s religion. Posts or messages that the leadership feel violate this policy are subject to removal, and further action against the user. If at any time you have concerns about anyone violating this rule, please contact the leadership team privately. 

 **This is an anti-spoofing community.** This server does not condone spoofing in any fashion. Any members that are spoofing to cause problems (such as targeting players to remove them from gyms) can cause for removal from the server. If you suspect a player of spoofing please contact the admin team privately (and do not cause chaos in the general chat). You may also report the suspected player to Niantic and they will be able to monitor that account further <>. There will be zero tolerance for those helping others spoof, and will be cause for permanent removal. 
 **Above all, please be considerate.** Users from a wealth of different backgrounds use this server each and every day, so please keep that in mind during your time here. After all, we’re all here because we love Pokémon! Have fun and catch some mons!