01/26/19 – 1st Tournament

You may signup yourself, or ask an admin to be put on the bracket.

  • 1:30PM on 01/26/2019 at Beer Barrel
  • Round Robin style bracket
    • A tournament in which each competitor plays in turn against every other.
  • Ultra League (2500 CP max)
  • All Pokemon must be unique (no double or triple of the same mons)
  • No other restrictions (we want to keep this simple and easy for the first one)
    • NOTE: This event is NOT part of the Silph.gg Boulder Cup. We will be doing official ranked match in future cups.

Overall Rules and Information (modified version of the Silph.gg Arena Rules).

Battles: Opponents will battle with a party of 3 Pokemon in Ultra League to determine a winner. Record the number of non-fainted Pokemon at the end of the match (these will be used for tie breakers if needed). Opponents may not collude to report outcomes not achieved in battle.

Ties: If a battle ends in a draw (ie, both journal entries show a loss) a re-match will be held for that battle until a battle is won.

Disputes: If opponents do not agree on a match outcome, journal entries will be reviewed by a staff member. If a dispute is still deemed unresolved by staff, video evidence must be provided by one or both parties. If no video was recorded, the match will be deemed a loss to both parties.

Technical Issues: Each significant technical issue must be verified by your opponent and, when confirmed, will trigger a re-match of the current battle. If technical issues prevent successful battle for 10 minutes, the match will be a draw.

Professionalism: Competitors are expected to maintain courtesy towards opponents. Harassment, aggression, intimidation, and other inappropriate behaviors should be reported to staff and will result in punitive action.

Staff Decisions: All staff decisions are final. If your opponent is a staff member, an additional staff member must adjudicate any disputes, unless a tournament has only one staff member.

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