There are lots of things that are not super clear from how the game presents them. This page is to help clear up some common questions that we get on the social media from our player base. 

FishermanFisherman Medal – Catch 3/50/300 big Magikarp

In order for the Magikarp to be considered a “big magikarp” it must be at least 13.13kg in weight. The height does not matter. 

Even though a magikarp may be defined as “XL weight” unless it is 13.13kg or more it will not count towards your medal.

YoungsterYoungster Medal – Catch 3/50/300 tiny Rattata

In order for the Rattata to be considered a “tiny Rattata” it must be less than 2.41kg in weight. The height does not matter.

Even though a Rattata may be defined as “XS weight” unless it is 2.41kg or less it will not count towards your medal.

Trading Pokémon – To trade with someone you must meet a few requirements. The stardust costs varies on the trades you are doing, and your friendship level (see chart).

  • You must be friends with a trainer in order to trade with them (any level).
  • Must be within 100m of the person while trading.
  • Both trainers must be at least level 10.

Trading a mon that is not owned, a shiny, or a legendary counts as a “Special Trade” – and only one special trade may be made per day. The day is reset at midnight.

IVs, HP and CP change when trading, but moves, gender and size of the traded Pokemon stay the same. A Pokemon can only be traded once. You can’t chain-trade in order to get perfect IVs.

A traded Pokemon level will be adjusted to the maximum power up level the recipient can perform. If you try to trade a higher level Pokemon to someone who can’t normally power up to that level, the Pokemon’s level will go down.

Trades reward additional Candy, depending on the distance between the locations where the two Pokemon were caught

  • 1 Candy for ‘close’ distance
  • 2 Candy for ‘medium’ distance
  • 3 Candy for 100km+ distance

You can’t trade Mythical Pokemon. Mythicals are currently only available through Special Research and Ex Raids.

Pokémon Good Friend (1 Day) Great Friend (7 Days) Ultra Friend (30 Days) Best Friend (90 Days)
Standard Pokémon (Owned) 100 100 100 100
Standard Pokémon (Unowned) 20,000 16,000 1,600 800
Shiny or Legendary (Owned) 20,000 16,000 1,600 800
Shiny or Legendary (Unowned) 1,000,000 800,000 80,000 40,000