The Discord channel is the main form of communication for the Findlay Pokemon Go community.  This includes stuff for day to day things like organizing raids, setting up trades, random Pokémon spawns, nest information, field research, and so much more.

We are adding more helpful information all the time, so check back often if you are stuck on something. Feel free to ask the admins and mods in Discord if you are having any issues.

Joining the Discord

  1. Register for a Discord account
  2. Download/Use the Discord App
  3. Use the invite link to join our “PoGo Findlay” server.
  4. Once you’ve joined you should set your team. In the #welcome channel you can set your team by posting a screenshot of your Pokemon Go trainer page, or typing $team mystic, $team valor, or $team instinct.
  5. Make sure to read over the Information Hub channels before asking questions.

PokeNavBot Information

We use PokeNavBot to help manage raid groups, trading, and more. Please use the following references for help on using the various features.