Lots of PoGo Updates!

October has brought in all sorts of new things. There are new Ex raids, new field researches, a new research breakthrough reward, a new Spinda form, and some new shiny mons!

The mythical Deoxys (Normal Form) has taken over MewTwo, and is now the mon featured for Ex Raids. If you are looking for some information on counters check out PokemonGoHub’s Guide. With proper counters this guy is a push over (and has been taken down with just two trainers)!

The legendary beast Suicune is now the reward for your seven day research breakthrough. The last time this mon was available was November 2017, so don’t miss out!

There are all sorts of new field research available now (check out the handy graphic on LeekDuck.com/research for a complete list). There are some notable ones though. “Make 2 Nice Curve Throws (in a row)” will reward you with Spinda (form #1). The “Evolve 10 Water-Type Pokemon” will get you a Dratini. “Catch 5 Water-Type Pokemon” will get you Krabby (which you can now find its shiny form in game)!

Shiny versions of Krabby and Kingler

For those that didn’t get them all hatched yet – You now have extra time to hatch Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros in 7 km Eggs (from gifts)! These Pokémon will continue to be available through October 8.

There are some new boxes available in the shop as well. Stock up on some discounted items for your PoGo needs!

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