Meetups and Info!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Beldum Community Day! It looked like there was a solid mix of new and returning trainers. I heard lots of shiny shout outs, and saw lots of happy faces catching those Beldum. Plus that was one of the biggest groups for a MewTwo raid (or any raid) we’ve seen in a long time! Don’t forget that MewTwo leaves tomorrow (the 23rd) at 4:00pm!

Lots of people enjoyed the buttons and stickers on Community Day (they only made it halfway through the event)! We are having another button event coming up soon. For Halloween we will be setup around Riverside for our Trick or Treat Meetup event. We have lots of candy, and looking forward to seeing everyone’s costumes. If you would like to see these types of things continue for future events, then please consider giving a donation. Every bit helps!

Trick or Treat Meetup Button

Quick bit of information on our group for those that are new. We have both a Discord channel and a Facebook Group. Please feel free to join both. If you are wanting to do organized raids, find/report field research, scout wild spawns, and things of that sort the Discord is the best place to find that. If you are wanting to do general posts, trades, and looking for specific feedback then the Facebook is the best place for that. Join our community if you haven’t already!

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